City Manager

  1. Charlie Cabler

  1. Charlie Cabler

    City Manager
    Charlie has served the City of Brownsville for more than 35 years. He first served in the Police Department before becoming Assistant City Manager in 2002, and then served as Acting City Manager before being hired as City Manager on September 1, 2004.

  1. Pete Gonzalez

    Pete Gonzalez

    Deputy City Manager

  1. Michael Lopez

    Michael Lopez

    Assistant City Manager

  1. Rachel Figueroa

    Rachel Figueroa

    Executive Assistant

  1. Becky Anzaldua

    Becky Anzaldua

    Administrative Specialist II

  1. Esmeralda Veraza

    Esmeralda Veraza

    Administrative Specialist II

Organizational Chart City of Brownsville 2017